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"They did a commendable job meeting all their promises and in making the benefits of ERP become a reality for us. I would recommend them to anyone."

Subba Reddy,
MD - Dodla Engineering

"The Technology Management Team of the bank is very impressed with the work you are doing"

Akshay Gaur
CIO – Scope International

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In-Premise,Core HRMS,Leave,Time & Attendance,HR Payroll

Kallos Solutions, has been providing Enterprise Software products and solutions to Medium and Small businesses around the world since 2003. Its solutions are delivered around its own range of enterprise software products. The KServe™ Enterprise software range currently consists of

· KServeHRMS (
· KServeERP (
· KPRAD (Internal Rapid application development and Cloud deployment platform)

Kallos Solutions ( is the organization that delivers these products and adapts and implements the solution for customer specific needs. Over 180 solutions have been successfully delivered to customers in worldwide during the past decade.

Kallos differentiates its solutions in the marketplace by clearly separating the generic/common business processes and the unique processes in organizations. For the generic areas, like Accounting and HR, it powerful leverages the backbone KServeERP and KServeHRMS products, where the customer can directly adopt the best practices and functionality in these products, since they are generic and common across most organizations. For unique industry and company specific processes, it recommends leveraging platform based solutions where the unique process can be rapidly built using its specification, process modeling and rapid application development tools. With this approach the overall solution is significantly better optimized from the perspective of operational efficiency, business relevance, speed, quality and affordability.

Some customers of our product and platform centric solutions include Scope International (subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank), Blue Dart Aviation (subsidiary of DHL), KGK Group Hong Kong, LCC Saudi and Dubai Regions (subsidiaries of LCC worldwide), Faber Sindhoori Chennai (subsidiary of Faber, Malaysia and Apollo Hospitals Group, India), CSS Corp, Denave, Fulcrum Worldwide, and Aptara Corp.

Kallos Solutions is founded and lead by George Vettath, and is managed by a team of experienced managers covering all operational areas. The company is built on the principle of making each project a win-win for the customer as well as for Kallos. Referral and repeat orders from satisfied customers have been its primary engine of growth during the past decade. Considerable amount of technology R&D investment takes place proactively and continuously, to ensure that quality, efficiency, ease of use and integration to latest platforms and tools can be leveraged by its customers.

The functional coverage of each of its products are given briefly below. For more details, visit the respective web sites of these products

KServeHRMS( is known for its employee self service / work flow based design, comprehensiveness, flexibility for adaptation and affordability. The product has modules for Employee Database, Employee Life Cycle Management, Leave and Attendance, Payroll, Performance Management and Claims/ HR Administration. Reference modules include Recruitment, Training and Project Execution. KServeHRMS can be deployed in the SaaS model (pay as you use) as well as the in-premise mode.

KServeERP ( has a strong backbone ERP and is differentiated by its flexibility, Web/ Cloud readiness and affordability. The product has modules for Financials (Receivables, Payables, Accounting operations, Financial Statements), Inventory, Purchasing, and Sales. Reference modules include Sales CRM, Inbound Marketing, Sub Contracting and Asset Management. KServeERP can be used in the SaaS model (pay as you use) as well as the in-premise mode.

KPRAD (Kallos Platform for Rapid application Development), an internally used product, automates a large part of the development and delivery process. KServeHRMS and KServeERP are developed on this platform. The same platform is used to extend the product, adapt it or to provide custom applications to customers. Kallos Solutions leverages this platform and its related implementation tools to deliver highly scalable and complex solutions to customers in shorter timeframes, with better quality and with accurate business outcomes.

Kallos’s products have won many awards. It was adjudged among the Nasscom top 8 SaaS products in 2010, and was the popular winner in Techsparks 2010.

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