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"They did a commendable job meeting all their promises and in making the benefits of ERP become a reality for us. I would recommend them to anyone."

Subba Reddy,
MD - Dodla Engineering

"The Technology Management Team of the bank is very impressed with the work you are doing"

Akshay Gaur
CIO – Scope International

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Web based Payroll,Income Tax Submission,Leave,Time & Attendance Management

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About Us

Deployment Options

In-Premise,Core HRMS,Leave,Time & Attendance,HR Payroll

KServeERP can be deployed in two ways.

a) Inpremise

b) Cloud / SaaS

Inpremise deployment, involves license purchase of the software, and deployment of the software in internal servers, or on the cloud. Larger companies tend to take this route due to reasons of security, and the need for product adaptations.

Cloud/ SaaS deployment involves rented use of the application and server infrastructure on the Cloud. Smaller companies tend to take this route as the investment can be deferred, with an exit option whenever required.

To make the choice between the two, ask yourself the following questions

Should you buy or Rent?

The advantage of buying the product is that you have to pay only once and you don’t have to pay recurring rental fees after that. The advantage of rental is that you can try, evaluate, and stop when you want.

Should the application be hosted privately or on the public cloud?

If privacy and confidentiality is very high on your priority list, you have in-house IT resources to manage the servers and application, and you have policies that require you to keep the system within your Corporate environment, then private hosting is the way to go. If you trust KServeERP to secure the application for you, and want to avoid the trouble of managing the application for you, then the Managed Hosting in the public cloud is the best for you.

KServeERP gives you the flexibility based on your investment plans and business compulsions.

Do Contact us to help you in your choice, or to give you more details on the pricing for the above options.