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Web based Payroll,Income Tax Submission,Leave,Time & Attendance Management

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Payroll & Benefits

The Payroll module in KServeHRMS is flexibly designed to handle varied types of payrolls, business rules and country specific rules. Multiple payrolls can be defined in the organization, with employees separated based on location or seniority. Pay elements can be defined based on values that appear in the pay slip, and these can be flat or calculated based on rules. Benefits paid via payroll can also be defined as pay elements and hence processed every period. The impact of loss of pay in the leave module and the 'on roll' status of the employee in the life cycle module is considered during payroll processing.

The payroll module also has a 'semi-intelligent' pre-processing capability, which prompts the user of possible mistakes or steps missed out during the definition of the payroll. Payroll summary and extracts gives the output of the payroll. The format of the pay slips can be different, with suitable logos attached. Calculated benefit values can be extracted. Advanced features like Arrears calculations, and full & final settlement are also provided.


Back Office Operations

Payroll Definition

Create Regular or Arrears Payroll for different Grades, Positions & employees

Periodicities can be set for payroll

Pay Element modeling

Create / maintain Pay Elements (e.g. Basic, HRA, Etc.) with multiple Effective From & to Dates

Attach Employees by Location, Grade, Position, etc.

Assign Calculation types like Flat, Table (Formula based), etc.

Formula can be defined in the Payroll Rule Builder

Rules modifiable based on statutory changes

Rule Builders

Define formula for regular pay elements and benefits pay elements

Attach these rules to the respective pay element & employee


Country specific rules (e.g. PF/ ESI in India) are applied in the software based on current statutory norms

Define intermediate pay elements to process and calculate values related to benefits

Map employee(s) to the respective payment authorities

On finalizing payroll, generate reports specific to the type of benefit


Define tax slabs based on the type of tax

Calculate the tax value

Payroll Process

Payroll can be processed for a selected payroll for a period

Can check the mapping of pay elements attached to employees

Can be pre-processed to view any mismatch

Corrections, if required, can be done and re-processed any number of times till it is finalized

Can view the processed payroll before & after finalizing

Once finalized, Pay slip and statutory reports will be generated

Loan Type

Define different types of Loans (e.g. Salary Advance, Staff Loan, Vehicle Load, etc.)

Loan Payment

Loan payment entries can be recorded whenever it is issued to employee(s) with number of EMI's and EMI amounts

Loan Process

Process Loan at the month to get list of employees with current month EMI's

Option to mark no deduction during the month of processing

Loan Repayment & Deduction

Loan repayment done by employee(s) by cash / cheque can be recorded

Payroll process will take the processed loan EMIs and deduct in the salary

View employee wise / loan type wise loan balances at any point of time

Arrears & Settlement

Define Arrears payroll, and process the arrears payroll for retrospective period or for the previous period.

Full and final settlement

Calculate the full and final settlement for employees who have resigned and separated, based components that need to be paid.

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