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"They did a commendable job meeting all their promises and in making the benefits of ERP become a reality for us. I would recommend them to anyone."

Subba Reddy,
MD - Dodla Engineering

"The Technology Management Team of the bank is very impressed with the work you are doing"

Akshay Gaur
CIO – Scope International

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Web based Payroll,Income Tax Submission,Leave,Time & Attendance Management

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In-Premise,Core HRMS,Leave,Time & Attendance,HR Payroll

World Class functionality at an affordable price

When you implement an ERP application you cannot compromise on functionality and capability, yet you need it to be affordable for your business. KServeERP gives you just this. A deeper evaluation will indicate the depth of functionality that is provided at very affordable prices.

KServeERP is complete, with modular and flexible options

When you buy a ERP product, you could start with a few modules, but you should always look at having an integrated application set covering all the areas of HR. If your vendor does not provide you that, it will mean a re-implementation down the line. With KServeERP you can start small with a few modules and expand by application, expand based on users, or expand usage from back office to self service usage. You could choose between the SaaS model or the in-premise version, and decide if you want to use the product as it is or extend it to suit your needs.

Best practices that combine with your unique business practices

ERP Products have numerous built-in best practices and you want to leverage it. Being a successful business you also will have certain unique practices relevant to your industry or your own organization., which you do not want to lose while implementing the system. KServeERP enables you to get the best of both worlds—best practices, yet includes your unique competitive advantages.

Reduced TCO (Total cost of operations) across the life cycle

KServeERP is easily adaptable as your business adapts over the years. This is normally very expensive in conventional ERP solutions

Direct Implementation Services

The company that owns the product is providing you the service of implementation and training ensuring that the implementation is successful.